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Well THAT was Cool

We’re hanging out down in the lobby of the Sheraton and I went “Hey!” at Christian Nesmith. Like a dumbass.

His response was “No, it’s ‘hey, hey.”” :D

And then he came over and shook my hand and said hi to everyone. It was pretty cool. :D

And that’s probably gonna be my most exciting story for the whole weekend.

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    NICE!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEP I CAN’T WAIT…Saturday get here please..
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    And the heart-wrenching jealousy against my fellow Monkee-maniacs begins… have a great time you two, I’ll just be over...
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    ::HUGS:: sounds wonderful. :)
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    And then he and his peeps wished us goodnight and said they’d see us tomorrow. :D Such sweet people!
  5. monkeemidgie said: that’s pretty exciting, though! :) It sounds like he was a pretty nice guy. I love that kind of sense of humor. I’m so glad you all got to meet him. :D
  6. actualironjackass-tonystark said: Ahhhh~! SO SUPER! Obvs acting like a dumbass is the way to go - nonono I jest! I jest! I can’t even imagine being brave enough to get out words around a Nesmith of any shape or form!
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